Next Interiors Wish List

After my love of fashion, interiors and property is next on the list. I have to admit, I have an addiction. Homes Under the Hammer gets recorded on a daily basis, as well as Ugly Home to Lovely Home. I binge watch “I Own Australia’s Best Home” on Netflix. I have dreams of starting property development as a side hustle, after fashion obviously. But really to me interiors and fashion isn’t too much different. It’s all about style, taste and trends. I wonder how many people have been influenced by Mrs Hinch in their home styling, I am envious of her home interiors.

My style is quite minimalist, if I could decorate my flat the walls would be either a white washed grey or white, with white washed floor boards. This would leave me with a blank canvas, so you can update the non essentials to other colours. Much like fashion, have 80% capsule collection, the essentials that don’t go out of fashion. 20% then should be your stylist, fashion driven trend of the moment.

My current love at the moment is Marble, Rose Gold, Grey and Blush Pink. I also really like at the moment studded furniture and velvet beds but they are investment pieces.

I have to be careful when choosing items for the home, I have to take into consideration my husband, this means no leopard print interiors, I know I am devastated too. But he has agreed on the above colours. This means – MOOD BOARDS and WISH LISTS.

Here is the links to the products used in the mood board.

Silver Rug, Geo Print Cushion, Polka Dot Cushion, Dine Word, Confetti Storage Jars, Hexagon Shelf, Rose Gold Frame, Marble and Rose Gold Bowls

New post coming up soon is my current interiors in my apartment.

Love Nadine xx


Fashion Retail Maths – An Introduction – Buyers maths test

Maybe not the most creative or maybe interesting to those who are creative but want to get into fashion, maths is a fundamental part of retail especially in buying and merchandising. I achieved a grade C in maths GCSE, however since my GCSE’s I haven’t used maths that much apart from working out percentages, sometimes things you learnt at school you become a bit rusty in. Especially if it has been a while. So you want to work in buying or merchandising but don’t want to look over all of your GCSE maths. So here are some example questions of a maths test and how to work out the answers. P.S you can use a calculator and have a piece of pen and paper ready. These practise test questions were taken form RHR recruitment website. You get 20 minutes to complete the actual assessment which is done online. Here is a guide of what comes up and how to work it out.

  1. 67.5 + 146.9 + 19.2 (round up to the nearest whole number) I would start by adding up all of the numbers which gives you the answer 233.6. Whenever the number before the decimal is greater than 5 you round up to the nearest whole number which is 234
  2. 723.6 – 188.2 (round to the nearest whole number) The same as above do the equation which will give you the answer as 535.4 however as the decimal is under 5 you don’t round up. So the nearest whole number is 535
  3. 43.16 x 25.53 (show your answer to two decimal places) As above do the equation which will leave you with 1101.8748 as the answer is to two decimal places you move the decimal point right two places. 1101.87
  4. Express 1/5 as a percentage. How I would work this out is in percentages everything is out of 100. 1 divided by 5 is 0.2 we then times this by 100 0.2×100=20. The answer is 20%.
  5. What is the next number in the series? 14 • 31 • 65 • 133 .. This is a question I always struggle with. You have to find the pattern in series. I don’t always naturally find it so I go with trial and error. I started with the difference between each numbers 17 34 68 – they are each doubles of each other so the next one would be 136. So we would add 133+136 = 269
  6. If you were asked to mark up a suit with a retail price of £149, by 15%, how much would it cost now (in pounds and pence)? There are a few ways to do percentages. On a calculator you can just type 149+15%= and it would give you the answer 171.35. You could also do it manually by working out 15% of 149. 10% of 149 is 14.9 5% of 149 is half of 10% which is 7.45. 14.9+7.45= 22.35. 22.35+149 = £171.35. You could also do this equation 149×0.15=22.35 then add 149+22.35= £171.35. It is really useful to know different ways of checking so you can double check your work by a different method.
  7. During the winter sale a jumper with a retail price of £35 is marked down by 20%.a.How much does it cost now (show your answer in pounds and pence)?£b.If the cost price of the jumper is £19, how many jumpers will the store need to sell during the winter sale to make a profit of £50? Lets start by the first stage of this question. You can work it out a similar way as before. 10% of 35 is £3.5 multiply this by 2 or add them together will give you £7. £35-£7=£28 this would be 20% off of £35. You can also do it by 35×0.2=7 then 35-7=28. PART B We know that the knew retail price of the jumper is £28. The cost price of the jumper is £19 this means that per unit the profit of the jumper is £9 28-19=9. 6 units would have to be sold to make at least £50
  8. A company has 24 stores. The total number of Stock Units held by the company is 6,000. What is the average number of units held by each store? 6000 units is to go across 24 stores so we would do 6000 divided by 24 to get the answer.
  9. If a store has 252 Units of Stock, how many units would it need to sell per week to clear all the stock over:a.A 4 week period?b.An 7 week period? Over a 4 week period we would do 252 divided by 4 = 63 units per week. Over a 7 week period it would be the same 252 divided by 7 = 36 units per week.
  10. A store selling 178 Units of Stock per week is required to hold 12 weeks worth of stock.a.If it has 1663 Units of Stock, how many more Units would it need to make up this total?b.How many Units of Stock does it hold if it only has 25% of the stock it requires? PART A – lets tackle this in bits. 12×178=2136 this is the amount of stock it would hold over a 12 week period. However they only have 1663 units of stock so we would do 2136-1663=473 this would be the amount of units they need to make up this total. PART B – We need to figure out 25% off 2136. We will use a previous way we have used before 2136×0.25=534
  11. If one hanging garment uses 2cm of space, how many rails of 0.5m can you fill with 200 garments? Here you would have to know your measurements. There are 100cm in a meter. If a garment uses 2cm of space over a rail of 1m it would be 50 garments. However 0.5 is half of a meter so can only hold half that amount – 25 garments. 25 garments per rail. 200 divided by 25 = 8
  12. .A stock of skirts have been bought in a size ratio of 1:2:4:3 over sizes 8,10, 12 and 14. There are 148 size 8s on order.a.How many size 14s are there?b.If 625 size 12s are delivered, how many have been over delivered against the order? PART A 1=size8 2=size10 4=size12 3=size14. To work this out we need to know how many size 8s have been bought which is 148. There are 3 times the amount of size 14s so we need to 148×3 which is 444. PART B we start again. 148×4=592. They have delivered 625 which is over. We need to do 625-592=33. So they gave over delivered 33 items.
  13. .A duvet set has been bought in the colour ratio of 5:7:1:2 over colours blue, red, green and yellow. There are a total of 930 duvet sets on order.a.How many duvet sets are blue?b.What is the total number of green and yellow duvet sets combined?c.If a pair of curtains has been bought in the same ratio, how many red pairs of curtains would there be if there had been 64 yellow pairs of curtains? We need to break this question down in sections. We have to add the ratios up 5+7+1+2 = 15. 930 divided by 15 is 62. So there is 62 duvet sets that are green. 62×5=310. PART B we know 62 duvet suits are green and 124 duvet sets are yellow. 124+62=186 that is the combined total. PART C – 64 yellow curtains is the first part of this section we need to divide this by 2 as that is the ratio which gives us 32. Reds ration is 7 so we need to do this equation 32×7=224.
  14. Region A has 8 stores with total sales of £950,000.a.What are the average sales per store?£b.If Region B has 4 more stores than Region A, and achieves total sales of 20% above Region A, what is its average sales per store?£ c.If Region B achieved sales of £700,000 and Region A achieved total sales 15% below Region B, what would be the average sales per Branch for Region A? PART A 950,000 divided by 8 = 118,750 – this is the average sales per store. PART B 950,000 + 20% OR 950,000 x 0.2 = 190,000+950,000=1140,000 is how much region B makes. However Region B has 4 more stores so we divide 1140,000 by 12 is £95,000. PART C – 15% off 700,000 =105,000. 700,000- 105,000 = 595,000. 595,000 divided by the number of stores in Region A (8 stores) is £74,375

Keep on practicing until they become second nature. Have any other suggestions or what mathematics needs you need for retail maths please get in touch or leave a comment.

Nadine xx

Fashion Illustration trial 1

My degree is in graphic design, but lets just say me and illustration did not get on. The majority of my course was illustration but luckily enough I managed to try and steer away focusing on photography and fashion.

So I wanted to practise, learn more skills in illustration and a way to keep me interested. Fashion. So I have been alright with technical drawings its just when things get more artsy I struggle so I started where I was comfortable a flat drawing of an item of clothing I wanted in my illustration.

I then advanced it and made a pattern. You can see in my previous post how to do this.

Next stage was harder. I got a template of a model body and traced around it making changes as I needed to. I then freehanded drew the dress onto the model and then put in the facial details and hair. It’s not great, it’s a start. But we all have to start somewhere right?

Love Nadine x

How to – Fashion CADS applying pattern in Illustrator

Quick tutorial on CADs in Adobe illustrator for fashion illustration.

Step 1 is to practice on shapes of garments in adobe illustrator. I normally use a wacom tablet and the pen tool, however today I just used my tracker pad on my Mac. The best way I have learned is to practice tracing over garments on clothing websites. Once you get the hang of this you can start alternating them.

My garment of choice is an asymmetric one shouldered dress.

Step 2 create a pattern.

Step 3: Select your pattern and drag it into swatches.

Step 4: You need to select all of your dress and go to object > live paint > make.

Step 5: Select Live Paint Bucket Tool

Step 6: Then paint in the section you want with the pattern.

Sometime the size of the pattern is too big or too small so go to Object > Transform > Scale

Edit the scale change you want. Make sure only tick that one box or else it will scale other aspects of the illustration.

If you want the same pattern but a different colour you don’t have to start again simply go Edit > Edit Colours > Recolour Artwork and then select the colours you want changing and choose the new assigned colours.

Then just have fun and experiment and try new different colours and patterns.

If you have any questions just ask.

Have fun

Nadine xx

How to make your FRIENDS GREEN with envy

90’s fashion. It seems as though we have become so obsessed with the 90’s fashion. As a 90’s baby I am rejoicing at the checks from Clueless and denim. Ultimately I am happy to embrace my inner Rachel Green vibes and here is some of her best looks. Since the release of friends on Netflix I am finding myself in complete awe of the costume choices of the friends characters and jealous of their NYC lifestyle.


90’s Layering is such a hot trend at the moment. The buttons central down the dress can be seen in almost every high street. Not only can you layer it up its also such a stunning piece on its own, making it a great seasonal transition piece. I would update the look with a flunnel neck top.

You can buy the dress from Missguided for £20 and the top from Topshop for £10.

Denim and Double Denim. But inner your Jen instead of your Justin. This is one of my favourites of Miss Green’s outfits. It’s fresh and current. Team it up with some chunky trainers and it is so 2019.

Dungarees are from Topshop £35 Trainers also Topshop £39, Dorothy Perkins Striped Vest £6

This is one for the Clueless fans the little Tartan skirt. This has been on the runway for a few years now with many brands using prince of wales check and many high street retailers channeling this vibe. So here is Rachel Green’s tartan skirt and cropped roll neck on the current UK high street.

Tartan Skirt from Boohoo £15, Jumper PLT £8, Socks Claire’s £3.30

Another punky look for Rachel. The little white tee has now come back into fashion with Comme Des Garcons heart logo top.

However as we are showing you how to dress like Rachel by UK High street an alternative is PLT for £10, Hoodie also PLT £15 . Leggings £8 Boohoo Nike Trainers are from JD Sports £85

Jen A you are still our style queen and I’m still waiting for my Louis Vuitton handbag you made so popular.

Got any requests for us go to ‘Get The Look’ Page.

Love Nadine x

Pretty Little Styles: Style of Season One

Due to the upcoming release of The Perfectionists, I thought it would be a good idea to look over some of our favourite outfits from the 5 liars. Personally my favourite style was Hanna and Aria but Emily, Alison and Spencer were all gorgeous as well over the course of the 7 seasons. SPOILERS DON’T READ FURTHER IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED ALL THE SEASONS.

So maybe not our most favourite but maybe the most iconic. The ugly yellow garment. Probably the most referred to item of clothing. Not only was it thought about in terms of personality and character for Alison but it was also key to remember as the massive plot twist later reveals.


Second on the list is Aria Montgomery. Aria is the more slightly gothy punky one of the liars. With the pink strip down the hair in the flash back, I can definitely relate to the pink streak. Aria has a more high street and mainstream style if she would be wearing designer I would 100% say she would be wearing Alexander Mcqueen.

Although she is punk there is also a feminine and sassy twist on her costumes that make it very relatable to the everyday teenage as opposed to Hanna Marin’s closet.

Season one Aria likes to accessorise with mostly dark and autumnal/fall colours. Lots of purples, plum, burgundy, deep red, brown and black. Little extra fact these colours are very similar to the Hollister collection Lucy Hale created. She likes to layer, always has an element of black, wears a lot of skull accessories and patterned tights.

Personally my favourite, maybe because it is so 2019 is the leopard print cardigan.

Emily Fields fashion on season one isn’t the best. It’s not terrible. But not rememberable. Very standard teenage girl fashion. I would say its the youngest style of the group very innocent and care free, much like her character. It isn’t until season 3 we really see a significant shift in Emily’s fashion where she starts wearing more adult and edgy tones from shops such as Allsaints, as compared to her non branded primary younger colour choices in season one. Perhaps the change is due to the change of innocence she becomes involved in, with all those murders and black mail your not going to be quite as innocent.

These three are some of my favourite of Emily’s choices. Maybe because they best showcase her personality, and Shay Mitchell’s never ending stunning legs.

Hanna Marin I would argue has the most envious wardrobe. She is sassy and is wanting to show off her new figure. She is the new queen bee and needs to keep up that look alongside sidekick Mona, who also has a very luxurious closet. Although a lot of it is shoplifted not many teenagers have the luxury of being able to afford the clothes Hanna wears. Why is life so unfair. Hanna nearly always waist belts dresses, wears long earings and ALWAYS ACCESSORISES.

Miss Hastings. Spencer is the other liar I wasn’t that impressed with outfits. She is a perfectionist, see what I did there. Preppy, competitive and sporty. While she’s not getting with her sister Melissa’s boyfriends she is studying and trying to out do Melissa on everything. Watching PLL back I now feel really sorry for Melissa and dislike Spencer a little more.

In 2010’s till now I believe that Pretty Little Liars have an amazing wardrobe choice and it has influenced me in my own fashion choices to an extent.

I would say my style is a mixture of Aria and Hanna, but I wonder how much their feet hurt walking in them heels all day.

Which liar’s fashion do you prefer and why?

Love Nadine x